What is Sera

Sera is a service automation platform aiming to provide an integrated system for provisioning, billing and supporting cloud services.

Why choose Sera?

  • Quick to set up in your organization

  • Competitive pricing

  • No per transaction commission

  • Runs as Azure Web-App or as on-prem application

  • We listen to your feedback – your requests will be scheduled to one of our release dates

Feature highlights

  • Azure spending limits for end-users

  • Quick import for PartnerCenter end-users

  • Brandable partner sites

  • Customizable for direct & indirect CSP partners

  • Open to your existing systems through REST API

  • Includes service bundles to maximize your profit margins

No more painful migrations

We also believe in automation. BUT we give you human support all the way until your webshop is up and running.

With choosing SERA you also get high level engineering support.

We help you import all your data from SQL, CSV, Excel or the Partner Center.


If you have any questions please contact us at: